Welcome everyone! This is my new gardening post where I will be posting various culture guides for indoor and outdoor plants! If there is a specific plant that you would like to see summarized for a quick-reference culture review, please let me know and I will make a post about it! While I may be knowledgeable about a large number of plants, I do not know everything about every single plant. Of course, this is reference material only! Every person’s growing space is a little bit different, in addition to the fact that every plant is different with a “plantsonality”- the personality of a given plant. I have had quite a few instances where two individual plants of the same type are growing right next to each other in the same culture conditions and one thrived while the other sulked. THAT is “plantsonality” at work.

Please check out my About Me page to find out more about, welll ME! 😀 I plan on having my first overview posted in the next couple of days!

PS- If you are an orchid grower and you have a question about the culture of your orchid, feel free to contact me and send me pictures and I will help you figure out what is going on as best I can! Pictures are always lovely!

Thank you and as always, Happy Growing! 😀



Phrag besseae full plant

Phrag. besseae 'Big Bob' x 'Colossal'. This is my first phragmipedium!

Phrag. besseae ‘Big Bob’ x ‘Colossal’. This is my first phragmipedium!