Sedum (aka- “stone crop”)

First of all, let me say that there are many different types of Sedum that are able to grow just about anywhere.

Most of the varieties of Sedum are succulents (which make them pretty drought hardy) and will have thick, fleshy leaves that many times will have a “waxy” feel to them. There are a few summer blooming varieties, but many people know Sedum by the flowers that appear in late summer into fall.

Some of the major perks:

  • hardy in lots of climates
  • able to be divided
  • color late in the season

A potential drawback is that Sedum can often spread to take over an area, so I would recommend that if you plant them- put them in an enclosed area so they are somewhat controlled in their spreading, or pot them up. If they get too large or invasive, it is easy to divide them- just chop cleanly through the root ball to divide the plant- it’s a good idea to have at least 3 stalks per division. *it is not recommended to divide plants in the middle of summer heat- that can cause extreme stress during an already stressful time and result in 2 dead divisions.

Location: As stated earlier, a controlled area or area that is accessible to divide plants for directional growth control and plant vigor. Sedum can be growth in full sun to part shade- they will often do extremely well in this light setup. If planting into clay-based soil, it would be a good idea to amend it so it is able to be loose and loamy. Hardy in Zones 3-9.

Blooms: Blooms for many different types of Sedum will often appear in the late summer season into fall. The blooms can be cut and put into a vase for an interesting display during the cooler months, or they can be left on the plant to provide winter color in the garden until spring. In spring, one should cut the dead stalks from the plant (no longer green).

This is one great perennial- wonderful bouquet every year and good for inexperienced gardeners to practice growing things!


‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum in bloom


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